Vans RV6A For Sale, IFR

Well, not really yet. I plan to really post all the information for selling it in October. For now, the airplane is undergoing its annual inspection. Then, I need to make photographs. So, this is really just a pre-sell post.

Purchased about 3-4 years ago. I flew it for a few years (with my teenage son), but since he has been off to college, I have not flown it enough to make it worthwhile to keep owning. For the right buyer, I will let it go.

The airplane is among the best put-together Vans airplanes that you will be find. I plan to post a few photographs soon and more after the current annual is done.

Completed 2005 S/N: 60569 TTAF about 1000 hours
Gross Wt: 1650 Empty Wt: 1116 Approved Day / Night / IFR ADS-B compliant
Panel Upgraded 2015
Yellow Paint – 2005
From 1968 Commander Lark with 300 SMOH, original engine logbook included Ignition: Electronic Lightspeed Plasma II and Slick magneto
Ellison Throttle Body Injector; Vetterman Exhaust
Anti-splat front wheel mod installed.

Sensenich 72FM859-1-85 about 950 hours SNEW

Garmin GTN-650 NAV/COM/GPS and GA-35 WAAS antenna
Dynon Skyview system with D1000T EFIS (touchscreen); SV-ADHRS-200/A; SV-COM-C25; SV- GPS-250/A; SV-ARINC-429; SV-KNOB; SV-NET-HUB; SV-BAT-320
Transponder: SV-XPNDR-261 MODE-S
ADSB IN: SV-ADSB-472 Dual Band
AutoPilot: SV-AP-PANEL; SV-32L Roll Servo;
SV-32-Pitch Servo
Engine Monitor: SV-EMS-220/A w/Kavlico
Sensor Kit & EI FT-60 Fuel Flow
Heated AOA/Pitot probe
EarthX LiFeSo4 battery, 406ELT LED landing light, strobes Electric flaps and elevator trim Oil sump heater, Heated seats Co-pilot brakes
Condition inspection planned to finish early October.
All tires replaced with michelin airstop tubes in the last 12 months.
Brake system recently replaced.
Pitot-static due.
Anti-splat Nose Gear Mod
Annual condition inspection, transponder inspection, altimeter inspection expected to finish late september/early october
All three wheel bearings recently replaced with anti-splat fully sealed bearings mod, trued and balanced
brake system recently replaced

The pictures are from a few years ago, but the airplane basically looks the same. It is about to be annualed and thus taken apart already, which is why there are no current pictures at the moment.

My inspection report from a few years ago is here.

The airplane has always been hangared.

Logbooks and Scans

I will get those next time I am out at KWHP, after the annual is done.

Logbooks to about 2020. We have yet to scan the last three years. Will do so after annual.

Airplane Photos

I will get those next time I am out at KWHP, after the annual is done.

Building Photographs, thanks to Greg Grigson.

First Flight, thanks to Greg Grigson.


Minor engine mount damage caused by exhaust rubbing.

Ellison TBI carburetor performs poorly in very hot weather (35C+) and has a number of quirks. Hot weather performance will improve after installation of a Vans fuel pump blast cooling shroud during the current annual condition inspection. Shroud probably should have been installed all along. Also, one hose has too much of a right angle and should perhaps be straightened.

One modestly hard landing a few years ago resulted in modest damage to nose gear leg, nose wheel fairing, and right wingtip (cosmetic). Nose gear leg repaired, nose wheel fairing replaced, right wingtip touched up. (Wish I had had the anti-splat nose gear mod before!) You have to look carefully to notice the damage. The Vans gears have always been the weak spot of Vans' aircrafts. The landing was not that hard and it would not have raised an eyebrow on a Piper or Cessna, but this is a Vans. (Of course, there was no gear collapse, prop strike, or anything like it.)

Not Fixed: The old backup Dynon EFIS D-10 (on the right side) is broken. It needs to be replaced. Should cost about $500-$1,000 plus labor. Could be replaced with something newer and better.


Get a good inspector! You deserve a great airplane, and N79PT is a great choice. Read the AOPA Inspection.

The airplane can be inspected at Whiteman airport (KWHP) in SoCal. I won't have time to fix squawks, but I will give credit for fixing any and all squawks.

I just googled for "SoCal RV inspection" and the first post that popped up was at Vansairforce — and it recommended Ed Holyoke. Well, Ed H. was the A&P on the airplane until last year. So, you could ask him any questions you wish, too. Ed never pulls any punches.

Offer: If you get a good inspector for a pre-buy inspection and this will (and it should) cost you $500 or more, I will cover $250 and then post the inspection report on this website. You would have to agree to confirm the situation under which the pre-buy was made.

Interested Buyes

Please email Please do not call. Please no low-ball offers. (I can keep the airplane. It's the perfect 2-seat airplane.)

Asking $120,000 obo. Or $110,000, no squawks, fixes, questions asked.

The bigger problem is coordinating the showing. My time is limited, I teach at UCLA.