Ivo Welch: May 2024

University Activism ?

What good can a sit-in on a campus do? Divestments of university endowments could not possibly make any difference.

Why don't we/you instead organize humanitarian help for the poor killed Palestinian civilians in Gaza1? And please help the millions more poor civilians in Sudan, Yemen, Syria, Myanmar, Venezuela, and North Korea, while we are at it, too. They also deserve our attention, they very much need help, and humanitarian aid could save lives. The situations of innocent civilians caught in conflicts is heart-breaking.

Presumably, the university protests' goal is not to extend the rule of the murderous medieval2 Hamas Islamic terror organization from the river to the sea — although it would ensure that the Jews would suffer the same fate as the Yazidis did under Hamas' sibling organization ISIS. The Christians might merely suffer the same fate as other Christians in the Middle East. The Islamic G'd of Hamas is definitely neither progressive nor tolerant of progressives. (Read Hamas' charter. Ask what Hamas does in practice to atheists and apostates.) However bad Israel's government is, it doesn't compare to Hamas' evil.


1: The 1/3 civilian casualty rate is lower than it has been in other wars. This is cold comfort to the innocent victims.

2: Anti-feminist, anti-LBTQ, anti-diverse, anti-secular, anti-modern, Sharia-based.