G-III Teaching Case, Performance From 1989 to 2010

As of 2010, G-III has come a long way from its 1989 IPO. It is a major player in the US apparel industry. Its sales are approaching $1 billion. Its focus are on strong brands and product diversification. This has allowed it to become less dependent on seasonality. G-III is now not only the largest outerwear company in the US, but also one of the largest dress companies as well. It maintains licenses for Calvin Klein Sportswear and even handbags and luggage. In addition, it operates over 120 stores throughout the country. Leather now accounts for less then 10% of the business.

G-III continues to be largely a family-run business. After finishing a business undergraduate degree at Boston University and a JD at the Cardozo Law School, Jeff Goldfarb, the grandson of the founder, now works for the company, too. (It was he who provided the above description.)

Like other companies, you can check out its website for more information.