My thoughts on What Makes a Great Movie?

These are many movies watched after 2010 or so. Sortable Table. Earlier movies are listed in more movies.

My numeric rating changed inconsistently halfway through. I need to redo them all from text to be consistent. Plan:

  1. bad
  2. ok
  3. good
  4. very good
  5. great
  6. superb

Title NRate Rate Date Seen Why
Queen Margot 3 Good 2022 Oct Great cinematography. Ok story-telling, Alexandre Dumas style. Ehh...
Elusive Justice: The Search for Nazi War Criminals 3.5 Good 2022 Oct Interesting documentary. Shocking public post-war. Why did my father not help hunt them down?
The Northman 2 OK 2022 Oct One script surprise. Nice cinamatography. Otherwise stupid.
Colonel Redl 3 Good 2022 Oct Historically badly incorrect. Otherwise enjoyable.
The Motorcycle Diaries 4 Very good 2022 Oct Che Guevara's part autobiography.
Monsier Lazhar 4 Very good 2022 Oct No clear point, but wonderful story.
Argentina 1985 4.5 Very Good+. 2022 Oct True story. People vs. Fritz Bauer is better, but this is no knock here.
Pusher I/II/III 3.5 Very Good 2022 Jun Simple and raw. 3 Stories in same place. Interesting watching.
Four Seasons Lodge 1.5 OK-Bad 2022 Jul Old Holocaust survivor documentary. Boring
No Time To Die 2.5 OK 2022 Aug Previous Bond was much better. Bit pretentious. Parody of itself.
Thirteen Lives 2.5 OK 2022 Aug Not much there. Kids got rescued. Cave diving is hard. OK.
Mr. Jones (2019) 3 Good 2022 Sep Good true docudrama about Ukraine's famine under Stalin.
Amen 4.5 Very Good 2022 Sep True story. Very depressing. Cast from "The Lives of Others"
Scapegoat 3 Good 2022 Oct Doubles. A bit predictable and not deep, but enjoyable.
Our Man in Tehran (Frontline) 3.5 Good 2022 Sep Believable portrait of Iran.
South Bureau Homicide 3 Good 2022 Sep Los Angeles PD Documentary
The Conformist (1070) 1 Bad 2022 Oct Stylish, but incomprehensible behaviors. Very disappointing.
Golf Specialist (1930) 1 Bad 2022 Oct WC Fields. Has not stood the test of time.
The Outfit 2 OK 2022 Oct Concocted script for a theater.
King Richard 3 Very good 2022 Sep Richard Williams, father of Venus and Serena. Strange dude.
Ashe 3 Very good 2022 Sep Documentary on super-great and super-smart (UCLA!) tennis player
The Great Dispatch 3 Very good 2022 Sep Humor is very idiosyncratic. You may like this (like I) or find it just bad. Amazing cast.
Nightmare Alley 3.5 Very good 2022 Sep Spectacular directing/cinmatography/acting. Great Inventiveness. Story good but not great.
A Most Violent Year 3.5 Very Good 2022 Sep A tiny bit slow, but a good, interesting, and unpredictable story.
Walk on Water 4 Great 2004 ??? Not obvious.
Quigley Down Under 1-2 Meh 2022 Aug Aside from other bad stuff, the score and mixing is remarkably bad.
The Dark Knight 3.5 Very Good 2022 Aug As Good As These Superhero Movies Get
Mr. Church 4 Great 2018 ??? Lovely Quiet Movie. Eddie Murphy is great in a Morgan-Freeman type role.
Trumbo 4 Great 2020 ??? Cranston is great. Story is great...and, better yet, mostly true. Best scene was John Goodman's.
Mank 2-3 OK 2020 ??? Just boring. Hollywood Masturbation. Compare to Trumbo.
AlphaGo_(film) 5 Excellent 2021 ??? Documentary about AI (computer science). Say what? Really!
Arrival 6 Superb 2017 ??? Smart SciFi at its Best. I want more... (Ted Chiang is great.)
Icarus 5-6 Superb 2021 ??? Documentary of the Unexpected. Prescient.
The King (2019) 6 Superb 2020 ??? The best "medieval-ist" movie ever. Great script, acting, and music. Thx, Joel Edgerton.
Deadwood: The Movie 2-3 OK 2022 Aug Slow but Boring. Watch 'Open Range' instead.
The Man Who Would Be King 1.5 OK-Meh 2022 Aug Kipling has not aged well.
The Last Duel 2-3 OK 2022 ??? Repetitive, Boring. And I love history... Watch 'The King' instead.
Das Boot (Season 1) 1-2 Uneven 2022 Jun Some nice moments and scene, but too kitschy and predictable (artificially non-sensibly unpredictable)
From the Earth to the Moon 2 OK 2022 Aug Effects look terrible today. Somewhat uneven.
Succession, Seasons 1-2 4 Great 2021 Fresh Funny
Succession, Season 3 1-2 Meh 2021 becoming too ridiculous
Oblivion 3 Good 2022 (again) Predictable sci-fi fare, though nicely executed.
Whiplash 5.5 Superb 2022 (me late) Brillant sophomore feature. Perfect JK Simmons and Miles Teller.
Bloody Sunday 4 Great 2022 Jun Great Quasi-Documentary. Aged well. Great Sync.
Journey's End 4 Great 2022 Jun What "1917" should have been — depressing.
The Whistleblower (2010) 4.5 Excellent 2022 May Very tough story of women trafficking.
You Were Never Really Here 2-3 Uneven 2022 Uneven. Great aspects, but also non-sensical ones.
Sea Gypsies 3 Good 2022 Documentary about crazy sailors
Investigation of a Citizen Above Suspicion 1 Bad 2022 Badly overacted, shlock old Italian.
The Fighter 4 Great 2022 Good, interesting boxer story from low-class Boston
Road to Perdition 4 Great 2022 Very well done--though predictable. occasionally unbelievable & stupid, too
The Innocents (French-Polish) 4 Great 2022 Slow, depressing story of raped nuns in WW2
Delicious (French) 4+ Great 2022 Period piece, food, unpredictable.
Wrath of Man 3.5 Very Good 2022 Standard fare, but well executed.
The Hero 3.5 Very Good 2022 Sam Elliott, nicely understated, existential dread.
Sweet Country (Australian) 3.5 Very Good 2022 I love aboriginal Westerns
Boondock Saints 1 Bad 2022 Stupid nonsense.
The Train 2-3 OK to Good 2022 Spectacular explosions, but ridiculous behaviors/deaths. Shot people die without screams?
1917 2-3 OK to Good 2022 Great Cinematography. Stupid behavior all around (drop msg via airplane and don't walk in front of guns if you can walk on the other side.) Watch Journey's End instead.
Ghengis Khan -- Rider of the Apocalypse 2-3 OK to Good 2022 Cheap reenactment, but well-done.
Cast Away 3.5 Very Good 2022 Too predictable Robinson Crusoe story, but well done..
Jack Reacher 3.5 Very Good 2022 Predictable standard fare, but well done. Sometimes clever.
Germinal 2-3 Good to OK 2022 Overplayed, not that interesting French fare. Historical setting ok.
Biutiful 3 Good 2022 Not sure what this movie was about...
Dune 4+ Great 2022 Yes, Hollywood can tell good stories (at least from books from the 1960s). Better than first try (which had a good first half, though).
Lore (German Movie) 3.5 Very Good 2022 Strange story of 1945 post-Nazi Germany children.
Sardhar Udham 4 Great 2022 Historically accurate. Depressing Brits were no saints.
Vast of Night 3.5 Very Good 2022 Great (cinematography) for low budget. Otherwise, soso. Predictable.
The Hundred-Foot Journey 4 Great 2022 Fun story. Not predictable, thus interesting.
The Tender Bar 3.5 Very Good 2022 OK story. Good acting. Competent.
The Bourne Ultimatum 3.5 Very Good 2022 Cut above (predictable) genre. Mindless fun entertainment.
Inside Lewyn Davis 3 Good 2022 Folk music singer odyssey, NYC Village. Interesting.
A Song for Europe 3.5 Very Good 2021 Scapegoating — Swiss look real nasty
The Fencer 3.5 Very Good 2021 Understated story about post-WW2 Estonia
The German Doctor 3.5 Very Good 2021 An imagined Mengele story
The Tomorrow War 0-1 Bad 2021 Stupid. All around.
One Night in Miami 2-3 OK to Good 2021 Overrated and pretentious.
The Last Narc 4 Great 2021 Wonder if story about Kiki C. is true
The Courier 3 Good 2021 Bit Boring
The Scientology Movie 4 Great 2021 Imaginative fun poking at an evil organization.
The Electric World of Luis Swain 3 Good 2021 End parts are more unexpected, which is good.
The Sound of Metal 4 Great 2021 Great Indie film about hearing loss
Big Fish 3.5 Very Good 2021 Burton's Imagination — don't send him to a good psychiatrist
Saul and Ruby's 2-3 Good to OK 2021 Somewhat boring story but of interesting old Holocaust musicians.
Knives Out 3 Good 2021 Forced, pretentious.
Apocalypto 2-3 Good to OK 2021 Bloody horror flick, not much else
I Dream in Another Language 3 Good 2021 Interesting story about Amazon families
Burn After Reading 2-3 Good to OK 2021 Forced humor, wasted great cast and directors
Black Book 4 Great 2021 Good story about Nazi-occupied Holland
Gett: The Trial 3 Good 2021 Would be better in a theater
The Angel (2018) 3.5 Very Good 2021 Interesting Egyptian spy, but should have been 100% true — why mess up a great story?
Taken 3.5 Very Good 2021 Predictable, but very good for genre
Dangerous Moves 3.5 Very Good 2021 Interesting character studies of world chess champion players
The Hunt (2012) 4 Great 2021 not what I had expected. Mads Mikkelson is always great.
Ida 3.5 Very Good 2021 Slow but good. Polish nun learns about her own background.
The Assignment (1997) 3 Good 2021 Entertaining BS about lookalike to terrorist
A Taxi Driver 3.5 Very Good 2021 interesting story if true
Bigger, Stronger, Faster 3.5 Very Good 2021 Steroids are not that bad...
The Tracker 3.5 Very Good 2021 Australian Outback Western
10 Rillington Place 3.5 Very Good 2021 Serial killer, little dated now.
Hidalgo 2-3 Good to OK 2021 A bit ridiculous. Love the desert, though.
The Last Tycoon (1976) 4 Great 2021 Elegantly understated. Young DeNiro.
Cromwell (1970) (1970) 3.5 Very Good 2021 Way Overacted.
The Handmaiden (2016) 4.5+ Excellent 2021 Clever, beautiful cinematography, unexpected.
The Conclave (2007) 4.5 Excellent 2021 History from Transcript. Wow! See also Conspiracy
Conspiracy 4.5 Excellent 2010 History from Transcript. Wow! See also The Conclave.
The Two Popes 5 Excellent 2021 Clever, interesting, imaginative, well-acted.
The Door (2009) 3 Good 2021 Trodden German SciFi (Mikkelson). Yes, he speaks perfect German.
Embrace of the Serpent 3+ Good 2021 A foreign world in the Amazon
Outback Rabbis 2-3 Good to OK 2021 Hail Chabad, the true but charming crazies.
Hail Caesar 3.5 Very Good 2021 Uneven, but some truly very funny scenes making it worth it..
Kaestner and Little Tuesday 4 Great 2021 Seems like an accurate Nazi story. Well directed.
The Believer 3.5 Very Good 2021 Gosling's great as a Jewish Nazi
Tim Roth Made in Britain 3.5 Very Good 2021 Lovely (=irony) characters
Day of the Falcon 3 Good 2021 Love the cinematography
Far From Men 3 Good 2021 Love the Algerian landscape and acting. Story is so-so.
The General 4+ Great 2021 Fritz Bauer, my hero
The Interrogation 3+ Good 2021 True or Fake? Interesting, anyway. Not overdone
Cold War (Czech 2018) 3.5 Very Good 2021 Stunning B-W cinematography
Sicario 4+ Great 2021 Noire
Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (2011) 4+ Great 2021 Modern Noire. Interesting mostly through, until it turns obvious.
Age of Uprising: The Legend of Michael Kohlhaas 3.5 Very Good 2021 Inconsistent. Boring at start. Better later. Somewhat irrational at times.
Casino Royale (2006) 3.5 Very Good 2021 Unusually good for Bond genre
Greenbook 3.5 Very Good 2021 Not deserving to win an Oscar, but good
Invictus 3.5 Very Good 2020 South African rugby underdog story, nicely told
Glory 6 Superb 1990 As good as movies get! Why do we need Oscars-So-White? Our Black actors are better than our White ones!
AI 4.5 Excellent 2020 Smart SciFi
Django Unchained 1-2 Bad Uneven 2020 Over the top. First 3 directed QT were great
Ballad of Buster Scruggs 0-1 Bad 2020 stupid all around
The Auschwitz Report (2021) 3.5 Very Good 2020 True story that Allies could have easily but did not stop Auschwitz.
The Reluctant Fundamentalist 3.5 Very Good 2016 Aug End too obvious, but otherwise interesting story of Pakistanis caught in 9/11
The Hunter 3.5 Very Good 2016 Aug Interesting (non-sensible) story of New Zealand and a hunter
Ex Machina 3.5 Very Good 2016 Aug Much much better than the Netflix attempt Uncanny
Code Black 4 Great 2016 Aug LA hospital healthcare documentary shows lots of what's wrong.
Der Staat gegen Fritz Bauer 6 Superb 2016 Jun Accurate. Interesting. Brillant. Near-perfect. Superb lead. (Unfortunately, second lead is invented.) NY Times Review
No Country for Old Men 6 Superb 2008 Aug Something new and great then...when Hollywood took risks.
Das Leben Der Anderen 6 Superb 2007 Apr A slow but great movie. Enthralling.
Thirteen Days 4.5 Excellent 2008 July ...except for Costner's fake own role. Reality is often more interesting than invention
Dallas Buyer's Club 5 Excellent 2014 MacActor was great. Really.
Carlos 5 Excellent 2013 Terrorist Carlos' amazing story
The Departed 5 Excellent 2008 Mar Great Script. Well done
Snatch 5 Excellent 2008 Apr Next-best thing to Pulp Fiction. Funny
Open Range 5 Excellent 2008 Apr Western with great scenery, scenes and lines. Almost Film Noire. Similar to (and better) than the old classic High Noon (not as dated, though).
Night Falls on Manhattan 4.5 Excellent 2008 Jun Undercover drama. Not as good as Serpico but still very good.
Layer Cake 4.5 Excellent 2007 Nov Unpredictable. Smart and interesting. (PS: Also stylish.)
3 Burials of Melquides Estrada 4.5 Excellent 2008 July Odd. Has some similarity to 'No Country for Old Men' in setting and actor
Deep Cover 4 Great 2008 Aug I like Fishburne. Why do we need Oscars-So-White? Our Black actors are better than our White ones!
Body Heat 3.5 Very Good 2008 Aug Cult classic. Clever. Bit too much.
Gone Baby Gone 3.5 Very Good 2008 Sep Finally, a Hollywood w/o a happy ending!
Taxi Driver 3 Good 2008 Sep ...but not excellent IMHO. De Niro is lovely, though.
Parenthood 3.5 Very Good 2008 Poignant and funny. Tough to be cerebrally funny — yet Steve Martin films often are. Great cast
Nowhere in Africa 3.5 Very Good 2008 Sep Interesting life story of Jewish-German refugees. Deserved Oscar for best foreign film
Lone Star 4 Great 2007 Dec Tapestry of Texas murder story. Chris Cooper is great. Where have you gone, John Sayles?
Good Night and Good Luck 3.5 Very Good 2008 July Almost better classified as a documentary
A Dry White Season 4 Great 2008 Sep — and very depressing. Thankfully, no more Apartheid.
Inside Man 3 Good Plus 2008 Clever, fun to watch. Unbelievable over-the-top Hollywood, of course
Four Brothers 2.5 Good Plus 2008 Jun
Blood Diamond 2.5 Good Plus 2008 Sep A bit contrived, but topical and good setting. Also very depressing
Adaptation 2.5 Good Plus 2008 July Weird postmodern flick
Office Space 2.5 Good Plus 2008 July Some funny scenes. Worthwhile spoof
Harper 2.5 Good Plus 2008 Jun Paul Newman private eye flick
City of Industry 2.5-3 Good Plus 2008 Great revenge story among thieves. Again, clever and not obvious what will happen next
American Gangster 3.5 Very Good 2012 Fake due to distortions. True story would have been better.
Lonesome Dove 2.5 Good 2008 Oct For a TV series from this era, excellent.
Michael Clayton 2 Good 2008 Sep Clean-up lawyer. Nice Ending
Casino Royale 2 Good 2008 Oct A Bond flick with a story? Wow! (Mildly over the top, but then this is Bond.)
Harakiri 2 Good 2007 Dec Old Japanese flick. Held up
The Twilight Samurai 2 Good 2008 Oct Unusual movie
Beyond Rangoon 2 Good 2007 Dec Depressing—especially that 20 years later, it is still the same in Burma
Hell in the Pacific 2 Good 2008 Though made in 1968, one of the still reasonably believable war films
The Long Riders 2 Good 2008 Again, almost a documentary. Historically accurate. Interesting enough story line, though
The Andromeda Strain 2 Good 2008 Jun Remake and well done (except for stupid solution)
The Advocate (1993) 2 Good 2007 Dec Not too deep, but entertaining medieval story about defending pigs and roma as devils
Letters from Iwo Jima 2 Good 2008 Not great. No great story line. Interesting, but long. Sort of like a personal documentary
Yojimbo 2 Good 2008 4 Great at the time. Famous for its imitator, "For a Few Dollars More" (which is better)
The Mckenzie Break 2 Good 2008 Sep Interesting 1970 story of cat-and-mouse prisoners of WW-2 story
Of Miracles and Men 3.5 Very Good 201? The greatest sport event ever...from the U.S. perspective, of course.
Hudsucker Proxy 2 Good 2008 Aug Theatrical and stupid, but cute and beautiful images
3:10 to Yuma 2 Good Minus 2008 Sep Ridiculous behavior of the bad-guy (Russell Crowe), but well-crafted
Samurai Trilogy 2 M + M + G 2008 M=Bad. First two parts are too unbelievable. Third part is good. Final duel is justly famous—and not ridiculously overdone, as it would be in Hollywood today
The Bad Sleep Well 2 OK to Good 2007 Dec Little long
Family Business 2 OK to Good 2008 Jun Boring, slow, odd
Whale Rider 1-2 OK 2008 Sep Maori family story. Just did not draw me in too much
The Eiger Sanction 1-2 OK 2008 Fantastic mountain scenes—how did they shoot them? Just tries to be too Bond-like at parts. Much better when it is its own movie
I am Legend 1-2 OK 2008 Sep just entertaining, but shallow
Hidalgo 1-2 OK 2008 Marginally entertaining Western horse fairy tale
Hangin' with the homeboys 1-2 OK 2008 Four losers hanging out for a night. Not funny, just story-telling. Again, documentary touch
Equilibrium 1-2 OK 2007 Dec Mix 1984+Fahrenheit 451+Matrix. Shake. Predictable
Cutter's Way 1-2 OK 2008 Jun Jeff Bridges in S. Barbara CA. Boring, slow, odd
6th Day 1-2 OK 2008 July Mildly Entertaining. Predictable
Sleepy Hollow 2 Good 2008 July I generally don't like supernatural horror flicks, and this is one ridiculous movie. Nice Burton visuals
Best in Show 1-2 OK 2008 Oct Mockumentary—joke, of course
There will be blood 2 Good 2008 Sep Literary adaptation of a Misanthrop
Unbreakable 1.5 OK 2008 Dec Supernatural thriller w/ B Willis and Samuel Jackson. Mildly entertaining
Time after Time 1 Bad 2008 July Stupid, predictable
The Thomas Crown Affair (1999) 1 Bad 2008 Apr Silly, though mildly entertaining. Embarrassing product placement. Doesn't Hollywood have real stories to tell any more?
The Package 1 Bad 2008 Sep Much too predictable
Signs 1 Bad 2007 Nov Stupid. Only redeeming feature: ancester of "War of the Worlds"
Sayonara 1 Bad 2008 July Why does everyone like Brando? He always talks as if he had a stroke. Could this movie not have found Japanese actors?
Rob Roy 1 Bad 2008 July Super-Predictable
Mission Impossible II 1 Bad 2008 Jan Fashionable. Can Hollywood make realistic films with stories?
Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome 1 Bad 2008 Aug Stupid and Predictable. Nice cinematography.
James Bond: License to Kill 1 Bad 2008 Jan Are these Bond films just satires of themselves?
Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within 1 Bad 2007 Nov Nice animation. Bad story makes no sense to the uninitiated
Thunderbolt and Lightfoot 1 Bad 2008 Not believable
Torn Curtain 0 Bad 2008 Jan Predictable. Bad Studio Production. Stupid. [opposite=The Spy who came in from the cold]
The Patriot 0 Bad 2008 Lousy collection of bad history and predictable plot
Runaway (1984) 0 Bad 2008 Dec Aged very badly. (Terminator, with a similar subject matter and made the same year, aged very well)
Lair of the White Worm 0 Bad 2008 Nov What were they thinking? Nice naked women?
The Maltese Falcon 1 Outdated 2007 Yes, I am serious. Yes, I know that this is a classic film, but please watch it again. It really is ridiculous
Is Paris Burning? 1 Outdated 2008 Realism should not be lacking in a war movie
Pepe le Moko 1 Outdated 2008 Police and criminals don't have these sorts of relationships
Fast and Furious 0 Bad 2008 Sep ... and stupid. Is this what the general audience likes?
Cocaine Cowboys 2 Good 2014 Jun low-budget fun-to-watch documentary
Star Trek Into Darkness 1 Bad 2014 Jun nice wisecracks and special effects. BUT completely illogical from start to end
The Book Thief 3.5 Very Good 2014 Jun don't expect a lot of action. very literary
The Way Back 3.5 Very Good 201? true story of escape through Siberia
12 Years a Slave 3.5 Very Good 2014 Jun ...but also very painful. Not a fun afternoon. (Only the Holocaust was worse.) Why did more slaves not kill their masters?? Abolition was not justice: we should have instead made the white slavers the slaves and the former slaves their masters
Bob Marley 2 Good 2014 May ...but skip the first 30 minutes
BSG: The Plan 2 Good 2014 May but only for BSG afficianados. You have to have seen the series, or this movie makes zero sense
Tron Legacy 1-2 OK 2014 May had to watch this with my 10-year old. Could have been worse. Nice graphics. Dumb story
Appaloosa 2 Good 2014 May but not great. too predictable short-run, although long-run story is less predictable
God's Pocket 2 Good 2016 Aug but not great. not captivating
The Debt 2 Good 2016 Aug but not great. story was a bit flat and predictable.
A New World 1 Bad 2014 Apr No shred of truth, though use of historical names. Black Robe (1991) or The Mission (1996) are more realistic and not under false pretense
Notorious 2 Good 2014 Apr White-wash of Notorious B.I.G. rapper. Still funny
American Hustle 4 Great 2014 Apr Not predictable. Still funny
Gravity 2 Good 2014 Apr Not realistic. Predictable
Blue Jasmine 5 Excellent 2014 Apr Cate Blanchett steals the show
Beaufort 2 Good 2014 Mar Weird Israeli movie. Apparently realistic (from someone who was there).
Gravity 1 Bad 2016 Jan Not logical and predictable
Peaky Blinders, I and II 3.5 Very Good 2016 Feb Slow episodes in between, but overall enjoyable
Ken Burns Roosevelts 4.5 Excellent 2016 Feb Great Documentary
The Green Prince 4 Great 2016 Mar Great Documentary
Beasts of No Nation 3.5 Very Good 2016 Jan Idris Elba and the child are great. Very depressing
Kids for Cash 3.5 Very Good 2016 Jan Documentary
Making a Murderer 6 Superb 2016 Jan An Instant Classic. However, don't believe everything you see.
The Man in the High Castle 2 Good 2016 Feb Great atmosphere. At times illogical. Distortion of book
Narcos 5 Excellent 2016 Jan Wagner Moura is magnificent. Well done. Close to real life
Elite Squad 4.5 Excellent 2016 Jan 2 Good movie about Brazilian police, favellas, and corruption
North and South 5 Excellent 2015 Dec British industrialization and ethics, with few stereotypes
Jane Eyre 3.5 Very Good 2015 Nov At times, illogical, but still very good
Best of Enemies 3.5 Very Good 2015 Nov William F Buckley Jr and Vidal Gore. See also "Gore Vidal: The United States of Amnesia"
Nuremberg: Nazis on Trial 3.5 Very Good 2015 Nov Recreates Nuremberg trials by testimony, mixed with footage
Wallander (Brit) 3.5 Very Good 2014 Jul Boring murder mysteries, but great ambience. The original Skandinavian version was disappointing.
The Wind that Shakes the Barley 3.5 Very Good 2015 Summer A bit boring and slow at times
Whitey: USA v James Bulger 3.5 Very Good 2015 Oct Great documentary. Corrupt Boston police
Blackthorne 4.5 Excellent 2015 Oct What if the Sundance Kid had lived? Slow but Good
Flame and Citron 4.5 Excellent 2015 Oct Dutch Resistance
Above and Beyond 3.5 Very Good 2015 Oct The beginning of the Israeli Air Force
Night Crawler 3.5 Very Good 2015 Oct Creepy guy becomes freelance night reporter and manipulates crime scenes. Noir
A Gang Story 3.5 Very Good 2015 Oct French movie about mobster history. Noir
The Homesman 4.5 Excellent 2015 Oct Tommie Lee Jones and Hilary Swank drive this, though she is too attractive for the role
The Best Offer 4.5 Excellent 2015 Dec Modestly predictable, but still quite Good
Age of Uprising: Kohlhaas 1 Bad 2015 Sep I like slow and I like middle ages, but this is just too boring
A Most Wanted Man 5 Excellent 2015 Sep A terrorist thriller in Hamburg that is not predictable. Philip Seymour Hoffman!
Los Angeles: Skid Row is my Home 3.5 Very Good 2015 Aug and depressing
What happened, Miss Simone 4.5 Excellent 2015 Aug 2 Good documentary
Lord of War 4 Great 2015 Aug and depressing about arms merchants
Carl Panzram 2 Good 2015 Aug standard PBS documentary episode
The Killing 1-2 Bad to OK 2015 Aug flat
Killing Them Softly 3.5 Very Good 2016 May Literary.
Rounders (1998) 3.5 Very Good 2016 May Literary. Loser Gambling. Unpredictable.
The Blind Side 5 Excellent 2015 Aug homeless kid becomes NFL superstar
Silver Linings Playbook 5 Excellent 2015 Aug just as good as "the blind side"
An Honest Liar 3.5 Very Good 2015 Aug debunker of magicians has illegal immigrant spouse
Dirty Wars 5 Excellent 2015 Aug Either the establishment is corrupt or incompetent
Seraphine 4.5 Excellent 2015 Jun German housekeeper is magnificant painter, though mentally disturbed. Oscar-deserving for seraphine
Frida 4.5 Excellent 2015 Jun Frida Kahlo
The Honorable Woman 3.5 Very Good 2015 May fine line between clever and unbelievable
Monk with a Camera 4.5 Excellent 2015 Apr great movie about the philosophy of life, but not for everybody
The Great Train Robbery 3.5 Very Good 2015 Apr nice recreation
Vatel 1 Bad 2015 Apr I love costume dramas, but this one is boring and illogical
Low Winter Sun 2 Good 2015 Apr fine line between clever and unbelievable
The Forsyte Saga 6 Superb 2015 Apr One of the most captivating shows ever. Real characters, all flawed.
Europa Report 2 Good 2015 Apr Aliens, oh my Good!
Khodorkovsky 2 Good 2015 Apr Good PBS fare
The Wolf of Wall Street 4 Great 2015 Apr but not as Good as, say, Margin Call
The Assets 5 Excellent 2015 Mar Real story of US mole Aldrich Ames
20 feet from Stardom 2 Good 2015 Mar PBS fare for music junkies
The Walking Dead 2 Good 2015 Jan Not bad for a zombie flick. Please, watch only Season 1
Two Lives 1-2 OK 2015 Jan East German Spy in Norway, of all places
Reel Injun 2 Good 2015 Jan Standard PBS fare
The Man Nobody Knew: William Colby 2 Good 2015 Jan Standard PBS fare
Virunga 5 Excellent 2015 Feb There are many heroes in Africa, not just bad guys
Skyfall 2 OK to Good 2015 Jan ...for James Bond fare. nice scenes and ambience. stupid, like always
Croupier 4 Great 2015 Jan British independent flick
Fading Gigolo 1-2 OK 2015 Feb Woodie Allen formula fare, not believable
Robot and Frank 4 Great 2015 Jan Two great actors, funny story
Automata 3.5 Very Good 2015 Jan Standard sci-fi fare, but well executed
The Decent One 3.5 Very Good 2015 Jan Himmler, wow
Generation War 4 Great 2015 Jan I and II are great. III is ridiculous. Think "Band of Brothers" without the moral high ground
Appropriate Adult 2 OK to Good 2014 Nov High expectations too easily disappointed. Gloucester murderer being interviewed
Spiral (Season 4) 3.5 Very Good 2014 Oct French answer to the wire
Senna 4 Great 2014 Sep Tragic
Spies of Mississippi 2 Good 2014 Sep Good standard PBS fare about the FBI in the 1960s
Codebreaker 3.5 Very Good 2014 Sep Alan Turing
Winged Migration 5 Excellent 2014 Aug perhaps the most amazing nature documentary ever
K-19: The Widowmaker 3.5 Very Good 2014 Sep Harrison Ford as a Russian sub captain
Lincoln 5 Excellent 2014 Aug Oscar winner Daniel Day-Lewis is great. Great story, too.
The Fall (2006) 5 Excellent 2014 Aug Tarsem Singh. creative, innovative, spectacular visuals, rivaled only by "Dark City"
The Unknown Known 3.5 Very Good 2014 Aug Good PBS-style documentary about Donald Rumsfeld
Island at War 1 Bad 2014 Aug boring...I just could not get into it
Gideon's Army 3.5 Very Good 2014 Aug documentary about public defenders in the criminal justice system
All the Pretty Horses 3.5 Very Good 2014 Jun Good film from the book
Star Trek Into Darkness 1 Bad 2014 May when you run out of Good stories, you rely on Good effects
Marley 3.5 Very Good 2014 May PBS style documentary
The Whale 3.5 Very Good 2014 May Self-tamed Killer Whale in Vancouver
Blackfish 3.5 Very Good 2014 May Sea's a whale, not a fish
Downfall 6 Superb 2014 May Hitler's Last Days. (Germany makes one great movie per decade.)
The King's Speech 4.5 Excellent 2014 Apr Oscar winner
Mrs. Brown 4.5 Excellent 2014 Apr BBC style costume drama, not overplayed
Happy People: A Year in the Taiga 3.5 Very Good 2014 Apr Herzog documentary about Siberian life
Bernie 2 Good 2014 Apr Black humor
Sherlock 1 Bad 2014 Apr ridiculous and unbelievable; too clever for itself; but stylish
All is illuminated 2 Good 2022 Jul Weird, partly in a good and partly in not a good way.
Cartel Land 2 Good 2016 Protection against cartels in MX
Into the White 2 Good 2016 OK
Following (1998) 2 Good 2016 Quite Good Budget Movie. Early Nolan Noir.
Lee Daniels' The Butler (2013) 1 Bad 2016 Lousy. Not authentic.
Kilo Two Bravo (2014, British) 3.5 Very Good 2016 Very good, but also very painful to watch.
Look Who's Back (2015) 1-2 OK 2016 (Adolf, of course.) Bad, but has its amusing moments.
Killing Them Softly (2012) 2 Good 2016 Good. Not predictable. Nice Ending.
The long walk home (1990) 0-1 Boring 2016 Boring. Paint is drying.
The Big Short (2015) 3 Very Good 2016 Problem: I know too much about the subject. Margin Call is a more accurate and better movie, though.
Django Unchained (2013) 2 Good 2016 OK Spaghetti Western. QT has made worse but also a lot better (Pulp Fiction!)
Experimenter 3 Good 2016 (Milgram Experiments.) Good.

TV shows

Please do not suggest: Ingmar Bergman, Grease, My Dinner With Andre, Wings of Desire, Jaws, E.T., James Bond, The Shining, Rosemarie's Baby, Independence Day, Titanic, Godzilla, various Altman films, plus much of the other sh.. that Hollywood has recently been selling. (Catastrophe) Movies that can be seen on the Weather Channel or CNN do not do it for me, either.

Good Movie Sites: The Internet Movie Data Base.

My favorite critic was Roger Ebert. OK, so I do not fully agee with him, but he was pretty good.

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