Although called a term paper, I do not want to see body text writing. I only want to see a set of self-documenting tables and figures, with an abstract that helps me orient myself.

Term Tables (Not Term Paper)

This is only for Anderson UCLA finance PhD students. You have two choices:

  1. Propose a topic that you want to research and run it by me. If I consider it doable and interesting, then this is your first choice.

  2. Pick a topic from the list provided.

Talk to me before you undertake your plan, ideally by the end of week #3.

The result of your term work is not supposed to be a written term paper. The result is supposed to be a 200 word abstract with a set of up-to-six tables and figures with complete below-exhibit descriptions and one-sentence interpretations (see CFR). I do not want to have to attend a presentation much less read a paper in order to understand the train of thought and results. The limit is, as mentioned, six exhibits, typically in order of descriptive statistics, first-stage regression, second-stage regressions, robustness checks.

Tables, figures, and descriptions cannot be smaller than 10pt font. If there are a ton of control variables, just list them but don’t show me the coefficients. (You should have them ready to look up for me, though.)

If we have time, I will ask the students to present their tables in class.

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