Why do we need 435 Representative and 100 Senators as Washington Congress members, each with staff and office costs? Congressmen serve only one purpose: they serve to block one other side. Couldn’t we save a lot of money with 53 Congress members blocking one another??

Yes, we need two competitive parties (and less corruption). Single-party rule and partisanship invites abuse.

We just don’t need so much of it.

Q: What do the Congressional Republicans of 2014-5 and the Ku Klux Klan (or Apartheid) have in common?

A: No Jews, No Blacks.

(No Muslims, No Hindus, and No Atheists, either. And these are not even their biggest electoral challenges, which are Hispanics.)

The Republican party is not (I hope) racist, but this is not a good situation if they want to win elections.